OURHUB is a spinoff from Sharing.Lab, a network of trendspotters and intelligence unit with urban tech. 

OURHUB serves as a tool to connect local peers, creating stronger communities and more resilient cities. 

The organisation is founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs from the fields of urban planning, tech development and social entrepreneurship.  

It is a patented and trademark protected solution, planned to launch in 2018.

Reach out to hear more about what we are doing:


Reach out: peter@ourhub.dk


Peter founded sharing.lab, a citizen-centric research arm within the sharing economy space, 2 years ago. As one of the first things, he started thinking of how the sharing economy could be more than just new ways of consuming. Could it be used to strengthen society? That led to OURHUB.

Peter has been working with disruptive innovations for the last 25 years as an inventor, independent business developer, political advisor, general manager for an avantgarde theatre and as a tech focused serial entrepreneur. He’s been around you can say.

Peter is a university dropout, but spends most of his awake time educating himself in any fields needed, besides a couple of stints at Stanford University and MIT/Sloan School of Business. He enjoys solving highly complex challenges, especially the ones that are believed to be un-solvable, crack them and turn them into solutions for the benefit of society.

He is an avid pétanque player - the first Copenhagen champion (just sayin’) - and loves conversations about ideas and new ways of doing things.



Reach out: morten@ourhub.dk


Morten has been a partner at Implement Consulting for 16 years, helping it to grow from 30 to 500 employees. He is also a board member in two growing tech companies, helping them grow and advising them strategically.

Morten holds a Master of Arts in Social Science from Newcastle University and a Master in Political Science from the University of Aarhus.

Morten enjoys all kinds of gaming as long as he holds the winning position.


Reach out: caroline@ourhub.dk


Caroline has worked the last 10 years at the crossing between urban studies and innovation, both as a researcher and a consultant. She has been particularly interested in exploring how digital technologies impact people’s everyday life and what kind of new opportunities and challenges they create for cities. While ideas around smart cities have received most of the attention in urban studies those last years, she believes it is high time to explore more citizen-centric paths. For her, OURHUB is a way to do so and to transform ideas into concrete and innovative solutions in order to make cities more pleasant places to live in.

Caroline has an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies from the London School of Economics and she has an international outlook, having lived, studied and worked in several countries (France, Tunisia, Jordan, UK, Denmark).

Being French Caroline should be an avid petanque player - buut that seems to be subject of mixed opinions in the office.


Reach out: henrik@ourhub.dk


Henrik started speaking in code when he was 8 years old. He filled his home with wires, programmed until 4 AM, and dreamed of Artificial Intelligence. In high school, he programmed Neural Networks. While in University in 1996, he developed Denmark’s first online bank analysis. Since then, his mantra has been to let advanced processes become available for everyone using web technology.

Henrik is a serial entrepreneur. He developed his first social platform in 1998, has built highly advanced web/mobile platforms, and has worked as a tech consultant ever since. He has always been a bit of an inventor and is passionate about creating prototypes and production ready soft- and hardware. In spring 2015, he finished a Stanford course in Machine Learning, with a final score of 100%. Since then, he has been creating the digital platform of OURHUB. Furthermore he has a BSc.EE from the Technical University of Denmark.

 Henrik describes himself as mediocre in all OURHUB games, but we hope this will change during the testing - otherwise we appreciate his interest for special brews as we fight for the team on the fields. 

MICHAELA Vallachova

Reach out: michaela@ourhub.dk


Michaela Vallachova is an upcoming industrial designer with a passion for fresh and functional designs. Specializing in furniture for public spaces, Michaela brings the perfect blend of technicality, style and contextual understanding to the OURHUB team. With a sense of detail and super skills in 3D programming she designs the hubs to fit user needs, making the usability a smooth operation.

Michaela is a hazard at croquet, defying all obstacles on the field. Having an eye for the detail, she enforces strong strategy with a steady handplay, making you want her on YOUR team.


Reach out: elisa@ourhub.dk


Elisa is a passionated communicator who loves to engage in all kinds of social happenings. She is super inspired by movements which enforces changes in the way we interact with each other, which has led to engagements with movements like Cycling Without Age and TEDxCopenhagen.

She holds a BA in Media Management & Production, which is followed up by a master in Communication at Aalborg University. She will be the glue and go to person for all of OURHUB’s end users making sure that the OURHUB stories will spread and inspire.

Elisa is the very non tactical player who relies all of her faith in karma, which sometimes succeeds - sometimes not so much. But none the less she is very passionated during the games, stating the status quo pretty loudly.