We are so honoured and thrilled as we have been nominated for not just one, but two categories in the Danish Design Awards design contest. We are up against a strong field of designers in both the Improved Welfare and Share Ressources categories, where truly inspiring ideas are competing. 

Participating in awards like this, is a step further to spread the movement - making it easier for us to engage citizens all over the world in sharing their public spaces. 

We are working non stop to start launching our beta version in Copenhagen at Holmen. As with any start up's involving tech production, there has been delays and unforeseen challenges. But we keep the spirit high and knock down occurring barriers, as we continuously dream about the amount of game playing, we will initiate in the foreseeable future. 

We can't wait to see how you citizens will receive our platform, to engage new meetings, strengthen old ones and just take part of the public spaces of Copenhagen, being used for fun and games.  

If you want to help us succeed you can vote for us in the Peoples Choice Award category. We will be most honoured and will without a doubt throw an enormous winners party, do we get just one of the prestigious prizes. 

We thank you in advance and will keep you posted about the development here and on twitter, facebook or instagram

Have a great day and thanks for following us!