We have placed our first hub firmly in the walls of KADK next to the canteen, filled with five petanque kits which are stacked neatly in hand sewn leather cases. All of them waiting to be played by petanquelovin' people. 



This means we are now opening up access for our beta testers to come join the game! You can now download the app in App Store - Android is on it's way, don't worry. The app let's you access the hub and we have made a little how to app guide right here

More locations will come during the summer, as we will be ready to expand. So be patient, soon we will be all over the city, but for now your petanque access is happening at Holmen - Philip de Langes Allé 10 which is also a pretty nice location, close to the foodmekka Paper Island (Papirøen) and the architectural mastodont The Opera House...

We hope that OURHUB will be a new add on to your public space, which is why all of your inputs means the world to us. So please let us know at either or in the support button feature in the app (top right corner) - if there's anything at all, we can do to improve. 



We are now working on hosting a lot of events during the summer, where you can come play and challenge your friends in tournaments. We will post all of the events on facebook and you can follow the action on instagram as well. 

Join us in the nice summer breeze for some game loving


The best

The OURHUB team!