Here you can browse a collection of the most common questions we get about OURHUB. If you can't find an answer to your question, just shoot an email to support@ourhub.dk

(Some of the FAQs are based upon soon to come features in the app)

How do I sign up?

You download the app and register your name and email address. Then we will send you a confirmation mail, where you register a password. When you login the first time you fill out more details. We will keep you logged in once, you are signed in the first time.

I didn't receive any confirmation email!

Check your spam filter or tell us at support@ourhub.dk

How do I find a hub?

You will be notified when you enter a hub area, let’s say in Kongens Have. When you open up the app, a map will show you the nearby hubs in all of Kongens Have. You can always search for new locations to see where other hubs are located around the city (and eventually the world).

How do I access a hub?

When you have found a hub you would like to use, you press “book”. Then an invitation screen will pop up, making it easy for you to invite new people to your game. Invite or skip and then the book button will turn into a darker colour once it's ready. Take out what you need and close the door.  

What is inside the hub?

A various range of games are inside the different hubs. You can see on the map and the hub itself, what specific items it contains and how many that are available. Sometimes we might put presents in it as well, so stay tuned on instagram

What does it cost to use OURHUB?

OURHUB is free for our beta testers. After that we will make a pay per play or membership solution, that definitely won’t ruin you.

How many can use the hub at the same time?

As long as there is available items in the hub, new people can always open the hub and use what’s in there.

How do you know who’s playing with what?

Advanced sensor technology lets us know if it’s you or your evil twin, that’s playing with a specific item.

If my evil twin breaks something, while I am also using the hub, will I be charged?

Nope! We know it’s your evil twin who broke it.

How can I see if the hub is available?

When you enter the hub area and look at the map, the signs on the hubs will show whether it is occupied or not.

How can I see if the hub is occupied?

When you enter the hub area and look at the map, the signs on the hubs will show whether it is occupied or not. A count down will show you for how long the hub is occupied.

What does it mean that a hub is occupied?

This means that all of the items inside it is being used. A count down will show you when and how many items, will be returned.

What does it mean that a hub is available?

When a hub is available there’s minimum 1 item available. You can see on the “book” screen how many items are available.

How long do I have to wait for a hub to become available?

A timer in the app will show a countdown on how long there’s left of the ongoing game. Press a hub and check it out. You can reserve it, if you want to be up next.

Can I reserve a hub?

Yes! If it’s occupied you can get in line and be the next one to use it. Press reserve and we will notify you when it’s your turn (not launched yet).

Do I need to invite other users?

No, but why not meet some new cool people while you are playing?

What happens if an object gets lost?

Then we give you a chance to find it. If it’s truly gone, then you will have to replace it, which means we will charge you for a new one.


What happens if I break something?

The same as whenever you break anything - you pay for a new one.


What does it cost if I break or lose something?

Well, it’s not super cheap, but we won't ruin you. We use the best materials and have handcrafted a big amount of the objects ourselves. This means the prices will wary from item to item.


What will happen if some of my friends breaks or loses something?

Then we hope you can reason with them, as you as the game owner, has the responsibility to return everything as you found it. If they are super difficult to deal with, then let us know, and we will handle it for you.


What if I don’t want to pay?

Then you better have a good reason or else we will legally charge you. Sorry.


How long can I use the hub?

We have estimated that a good game of anything, will be a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes. If it’s too short then let us know and we will reconsider the time table.


How do I end a game?

Simply return the items and close the hub - then you are good to go. If you are in doubt, you can always check if you have a “key” = ongoing game,  under “keys and rules”.


How do I know if the time is up?

We will send you reminders.


How do I invite others?

When you are accessing a hub you will be presented with an invitation screen.

You can always invite more people under the “social” feature.


How do I get invited?

When you enter a hub area, you will be asked if you would like to receive invitations. Say yes and wait and see if someone’s starting a game near by.


Why do you want me to rate my experience?

Because we love to learn new stuff and want to improve so you always have a good experience using OURHUB.


I have an iPad, does OURHUB do iPads?

Noo, unfortunately not.


Is ourhub available on Android?

Yes, right here


I have some suggestions on how to improve OURHUB. How do I get in contact with you?

Awesome! Talk to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or send an email to


Where can I download OURHUB?

Right here in App Store

And right here at Google Play




How do I edit my credit card information?

Go to “me” to edit any information that’s regarding your personal settings.


What is conversation starters?

They are three words describing whatever rocks your boat, and whatever rocks the other players boats. Then you can see if you have matching rock boats or maybe you would like to expand your horizon and get to know something new?


Can I edit my conversations starters?

Yes of course! Go to “me” to edit any information that’s regarding your personal settings. We narrowed it down to three conversation starters per player - and you can edit them anytime you want.  


How do I receive invitations

We will ask you when you enter a hub area, if you want to receive invitations from near by players.


How do I reset my password?

You sign out and press the “ forgot password” then we will send a new one to your registered email.

We hope that this was helpful, if you have something we need in here, please tell us at support@ourhub.dk