It’s built by a safety box producer and designed in such a way that it is easy to fit into open common spaces. It’s created to be a durable, tamper-proof smart urban furniture which we have filled with technology. Each hub has sensors to track the objects and a smart-lock to safeguard it all. It is powered by long-lasting batteries with minimum maintenance it is designed to be a self-serving installation.

The hubs are customisable, so they can serve customers’ marketing strategy. We can add access to wi-fi as well as sensors measuring pollution, air quality and noise levels upon request.  

The hubs are designed for the games they contain. We can adjust them to other social objects that fit a specific user group or location.


In the first place, we are focussing into providing hubs with games, as they are per definition social. As stated in our Manifesto for social objects, those games can be characterised by their robustness, the high quality of their design and their ability to make users have a great social experience.

Other objects, such as training equipments for outdoor use, are under development at the moment. 


OURHUB combines a physical solution - the hubs with our games - to a social platform, whose design is based on learnings from the sharing economy and built with state of the art technologies.

The digital app allows users to spot hubs, book objects, invite others to join for a game, rate their experience and way more to come...

Basic functionalities are in place and more specific features, such as the ones around gamification, will be implemented progressively.