The United Nations has defined some Sustainable Development goals for 2030.

Goal number 11 focuses on “Sustainable cities and communities” and stresses the need to: 

"Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.

OURHUB's mission is to contribute to this overarching goal. We strongly believe, that with massive urbanisation ahead of us, it is essential, to make our cities livable.   

We know we share this objective with cities, urban planners, private developers and just about everyone that cares about our urban environment.

We strongly believe

  • that if we interact with the people surrounding us, we build stronger communities

  • that an active use of parks, city squares and other common spaces contributes to more vibrant cities, but also healthier lifestyles and more resilient communities

  • that a vibrant life between buildings raises the overall quality of life of an area and contributes to its attractiveness

OURHUB aims at filling cities with life and strengthening local communities in order to make cities
more resilient, inclusive and enjoyable places to live in.

OURHUB makes it easy to connect in real life and share a good time with existing friends or friends to be. It lowers the natural shyness barrier of initiating contact. Games unite people in a non-committing way. 

OURHUB  aims at optimising the use of existing infrastructures. 

Many cities have already invested in structural outdoor elements such as table tennis tables, pétanque courts and similar. Yet, those infrastructures are largely underused as people do not carry the necessary equiptment with them (tennis paddles, pétanque balls...).

OURHUB optimizes the use of those existing infrastructures and makes them accessible to everybody.


OURHUB contributes to sparking urban life in areas under development.

Placemaking is not a new idea, but it has gained a great focus in the last decade. There is no great public spaces without people. Making a place is not the same as constructing a building, designing a plaza or developing a commercial zone. It’s about having a vibrant, enjoyable life between buildings.

OURHUB, with its self serving nature and its local dimension can attract people and contribute to creating a sense of place.